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      Certified-EMDR Therapist 

*Not Currently Accepting New Clients

Emilie A. Held, LCSW 

Emilie is the founder of Held Counseling, LLC and Held Center for Healing. Emilie is certified EMDR and ego-state therapist specializing in trauma recovery. Emilie began her career working with teens and adults struggling with PTSD and addiction and expanding her practice to include all age groups. Prior to the opening of Held Counseling and Held Center for Healing, Emilie worked in large behavioral health organizations, with her work ranging from direct research and implementation of trauma-informed therapeutic models, to working directly with those seeking behavioral health services, and finally working within administrative social work. Emilie completed her work in the agency settings by opening and leading a brand new behavioral health clinic within a community-based organization. 


Although each of these roles held importance, Emilie has found the most passion in working directly with clients in their healing journeys. Emilie began Held Center for Healing with the hope of creating a one-stop-shop for healing and to work directly with those seeking trauma-recovery. The services offered at Held Center for Healing compliment the work done in EMDR therapy.  

Accepted Insurances: Cigna, United, Husky, Anthem, superbill will be provided for any out-of-network insurances 

Taylor Gallimore, LCSW

Taylor is an EMDR therapist specializing in working with adults seeking trauma recovery. Taylor began her career within the school system, facilitating Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT) skills groups and advocating for the educational needs of students. While working within the school system, Taylor found her true passion in providing direct clinical care to those struggling with an array of mental health conditions including depression, anxiety and trauma. Following her work within schools, Taylor transitioned to working within teen and adult residential and intensive outpatient settings where she provided psychotherapy to those facing substance abuse, personality disorders and PTSD. Through her work in these settings, Taylor additionally assisted clients in connecting with resources that could benefit their overall growth and development including vocational services, medication management and education.


Taylor is warm and interactive, believing in treating everyone with respect, sensitivity and compassion. Taylor  uses a strength-based approach in facilitating change with each individual she works with. Taylor utilizes various  treatment modalities, including EMDR, DBT, Motivational Interviewing and Gestalt therapy.

Accepted Insurance: Cigna, Husky, United, superbill can be provided for any out-of-network insurances. 

           EMDR Therapist 

*Currently Accepting New Clients!

Sarah Jeanne, LICSW/LCSW


    Life-Transitions Therapist

*Currently Accepting New Clients!

Sarah is an LICSW/LCSW specializing in life transitions. Sarah began her career in New York, providing in-home therapy and case management services to survivors of domestic violence. Through this work, Sarah grew an understanding of the significant stress that comes with life changes, facilitating clients in processing the shifts in their lives while also reaching their identified goals. In doing so, Sarah learned the importance of a multi-system approach to therapy and utilizes this practice with her clients today.


Following her work in New York, Sarah moved to Boston, Massachusetts and worked as a school-based clinician specializing in working with teens struggling with mental health concerns. Sarah utilized her skills in managing uncontrollable and unexpected transitions throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, creatively assisting students, families and school staff in adjusting to living within the unknown and managing the stress that comes with this. In 2022 Sarah transitioned to Mass General Hospital for Children where she worked with pediatric patients and their families in coping with the stress of chronic illness and medical crisis. Overall, Sarah’s career has centered around supporting those in making both wanted and, at times, unwanted changes. Sarah utilizes a strength-based, multi-system and caring approach with treatment including DBT skills, CBT skills and mindfulness-based practices.

Accepted Insurance: Out-of-Network, currently awaiting credentialing from United, Cigna, Husky and Anthem

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